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  • A coin toss determines who goes first with the loser of the toss picking which balls to use.
  • Each player plays in turn, taking one shot unless extra shots are earned. Extra shots are gained by either “running a hoop” (passing through the correct hoop) or hitting one of the other three balls. These earn one and two extra shots respectively.
  • The first four turns must be used to bring all four balls into play, after which you can choose to play either ball, although extra shots can be earned immediately.
  • If you hit another ball (make a roquet) and earn two extra shots the first of those (the croquet shot) must be played in contact with the roquet ball. In order to do that you move your ball and place it anywhere in contact with the ball that was hit. The roqueted ball must move or shake with the next strike. The next shot is called the continuation shot and must be played from where the first, original ball lies.
  • Extra shots are not cumulative and you can only earn extra shots once from each ball until the next hoop is scored.
  • If a ball is struck off the lawn or lies within a metre of the edge it is moved to a metre inside the lawn. There is no penalty for this.
  • To score a hoop no part of the ball must be visible on the original side of the hoop – that is to say, all of the ball must have passed at least some part of the hoop.
  • The ball can only be struck with the face of the mallet and must be hit cleanly without moving the other balls, hoops or peg to make the shot.
  • Once a ball hits the peg at the end of the game it is removed from play.